Monday, October 25, 2010

High School Football Coverage

One of my sons plays on the freshman football team.  I, of course, take my camera and get tons of shots while I watch the game and learn how it's played, from my hubby.  This last game, we sat real close to the sidelines and a couple of times these boys were running straight at me.  OMG!!  But I just kept shooting hoping they wouldn't run over me.  I got some really cool shots too.

My son brags about his Mom all the time and apparently he was telling someone at school about me being a photographer and taking pics of the games.  So he came home from school with a web address and told me that if I didn't mind sharing, they would love for me to upload some pics to their yearbook website.  I think that's pretty cool too. 

The high schools here in town don't really have very big stadiums.  Our team is fixing to play at the big stadium in town.  My son was really looking forward to playing in the Stadium but now has broken his foot during PE at school and will not be able to play.  He's bummed.  We're bummed. 

Anyway, below are some of the pics from their last football game.  The full album is posted to FB if you want to see the rest.

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