Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Church on the Mountain, 2010

We had a fabulous time camping this past weekend.  A few of us went up the day before and stayed 2 nights.  It was quite chili up in the mountains.  I live in the Grand Valley of Colorado and it's just amazing to me the temperature difference from the valley to the mountains.  I took shorts to wear...lol...never got a chance to wear them other than the trip up. 

It did rain on us occasionally, which cooled it off even more, so we were thankful that we all remembered our sweats and coats.

About 35 of us from church went on the camping trip.  More came up on Saturday for one night of camping and still others showed up on Sunday morning for breakfast and the service.

Justin, my grandson

On Friday, before any of the others arrived, we hiked across the pasture to a couple of old barns.  I thought it would be a great photo opportunity.  I was right!  I would love to have these barns in my yard as part of my outdoor studio.  Justin usually hides from the camera and doesn't want to pose at all.  This time he was certainly a poser.  He was listening to me instruct the others and he would follow suit when it was his turn.

At night, we all sat around the campfire getting warm, eating smores and singing songs.  Actually they were making up songs as they went about their experiences of our first day.  Some of these kids were really good.  Quick and witty and never missing a beat to the music...and even rhyming. 

It's open range where we were camping so there was quite a bit of cow poop.  And several of us were so busy looking at the beautiful sites to be paying attention to where we were walking....Yep...ewwww...and that was one subject to their songs. 

Who do you think lives here?

On Saturday morning, Tami and I decided to take the dogs for a little walk.  We took the road less travelled, that led to one of the reservoirs.  I took this picture along our walk.  It looks like some critter's home.

This dirt road is a continuous climb....for a mile and a half we found out later.  Tami is the one who is consistent with her exercising and I didn't want to sound like a wimp, so when I got tired and really wanted to go back, I didn't say a word, so we ended up walking the whole road.  When we got almost to the reservoir, there is an area for people to park their cars because that is the end of the road for them.  If you want to see the reservoir, you have to walk the rest of the way.  I asked Tami if she wanted to continue along to the reservoir, quietly hoping she'd say 'no'.   She laughed and made the comment about me already making her come this far.  You see, she didn't want to sound like a wimp either.  Her hubby said that it was a total lack of communication.  How funny!

At least the mile and a half walk back was down hill.  We can still definitely feel that workout.

The kids had fun with target practice.  This is a picture of Kuria, she looks so intense.

There was even campfire music throughout the day.  These guys love to play.  Starla is actually practicing singing her song while Ron and Dylan accompany her with music.

We prepared chicken fajitas for our Saturday night dinner.  This is my hubby, Tray, doing the cooking with our Pastors Linda and Lonnie watching in anticipation of supper.  Then, when we got to eat, the chicken was rather spicy.  Darn!!  Honestly, the last time I cooked these, they were very flavorful and not hot at all.  I have this recipe program on my computer that computes everything for me and I entered serving for 40 and this was the result.  And I actually cut back on some of the ingredients simply because it sounded like an awful lot.  But we live and learn.

Even though it rained on us a few times, we did not let that damper our spirits.  It gave some of us the opportunity to go 4-wheeling in the mud.  And then, God shared this beauty with us.  I just love rainbows.

And then Sunday was our day of service.  This place that we chose for our camping site this year has a church area, which is why we chose it.  We may just keep this as our annual place for our Church on the Mountain.  It has a pulpit too.

Pastor even came packing.  Have you had a church service like this before?  Please share, if you have, I would love to hear about it.

Hope you enjoyed these.  If you would like to see the full albums, check out my facebook page

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