Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My name change

Hi Everyone,

Well I've been looking into Trademarks and wondering if this guy who claims to own my business name has a leg to stand on.  I don't think he does technically...but still not absolutely positive.  Neither of us has a trademark on the name so if he took me to court he would probably win simply because he has had his business name longer than me.  It all depends on who has been advertising the name the longest.  Or I could just register a trademark and be done with him, however, he is more established than I am and people will still get us confused.

Either way, I decided to change my name now, before I go any further. 

I'm not even really sure how all of this happened this way because I did do my research and at the time found nothing.  I did pay to register my name in my state.  This guy is in another state so we don't even have the same customers, but when searching for us on Facebook, we are both right there.

I'm using my given name now so I should have no problems.  I will be changing from Cool Shots Photography to Corbie Lyn Photography.  In a few days my website should be up and running again under

So now I'm off to do the tedious tasks of pulling up all of my sites with the old name and changing them.

Have any of you been through something like this?

Until next time,

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