Thursday, December 23, 2010

First Santa Visit

Well, my family has been the Claus Family for the past couple of years at our church.  It has been suggested to us in the past that we should do Santa Visits with the public and make some extra money.  I really didn't see how we could possibly do it, not at the time anyway.

Then recently a friend of mine suggested it to me again.  And we pondered over it about adding it to my photography business.  Ha!  What a thought.

So anyway, I put it into effect and started advertising around town and we got our first call.  We only scheduled one this year but that is ok.  We learned alot from the visit we just did.

We were invited to a birthday party for a 1 year old.  They wanted a 1 hour visit.  We's a step in the direction that we want to go.

Well, I'm now glad that we only had one scheduled this year.  Now it's back to the drawing board to redo the plan. 

The party was fun.  There were only 2 toddlers, who by the way, of course, were afraid of Santa.  But I thought that may work to our advantage, simply because we had to fill a whole hour.  The older kids were awesome.  They know exactly who Santa is and are not afraid of him.  So with the older kids, the visit went pretty quick.

Anyway, we found ourselves with some awkward moments, almost like we were invading a home party.  We were the party crashers.  Once the presents started opening, the kids forgot all about Santa and we didn't know what to do. 

Overall, it was awesome, and I can't wait to do it again.  I just think that a whole hour, for just a few kids, is a little too long.  And adding them to birthday parties, I don't know.  I'm sure that if we get called for another birthday party, we will go, but I think that a 30 minute visit is enough.  Or we will estimate the time based on how many children will be visiting with Santa.

Chow for Now,

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