Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maternity Shoot

Well, I've been working on my website and I think for now I've finally got that completed for the new year.  Still need to put together my welcome packets and that kind of stuff.

Did a couple of maternity shoots over this past month.  I had a blast shooting them and I believe they turned out really nice.  And the Moms-to-be loved them.  Can't wait to do more.

One of the maternity shoots was my own daughter.  She is due around the first of the year.  She lives about 6 hours away, so I'm getting packed up after Christmas and heading her way on a train.  Gonna spend the whole month of January with her.  She's expecting a girl.  I'll be getting some newborn photos under my belt next.  I'm really excited.

Enjoy the photos,
Chow for Now

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