Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting My Ducks in a Row

I met with my latest Senior and his mom the other day so they could show me which portraits they wanted for his Senior Package.  He is also my first Senior Rep, so I was nervous and excited, as usual.

While I was waiting for them to arrive at our meeting place, I looked through his offer so that I was sure that he gets all that I offered him and realized that he is going to get triples of some of the items.  OMG....Just when I think I've got it down, I find something else that I have overlooked. 

For the session itself, I was offering 24 proofs, then in each of my packages I was offering a brag book with 24 images, and as a Senior Rep I was offering him a brag book with 24 images.  LOL don't know how I overlooked that.  Now it seems pretty obvious.

I guess it's hard to think of everything and to see all angles until you go through a couple of deals and it gets pointed out to you.  It turned out good though, because they decided to go with the same 24 images for all three books and will give a couple of them away to grandparents.

I have since changed that, again.  I really think that my Senior Reps should get something that does not come in a Senior Package. 

In researching what other photographers offer their Senior Reps, I found our Forum through NYIP and there is some really valuable information there.  I found where many photographers get their prints made.  MPixPro and WHCC.  I signed up with them and sent off my test prints and wow, what a difference they are.  I am going to take those same test prints and get them printed in the same size from my usual local dealer and compare side by side, but I really think they are way better than where I usually go.

I started using someone local because of what I thought was convenience.  They are less expensive than what I have found online, quite a bit actually, but they don't offer all the different paper qualities, not that I have noticed anyway.  Decisions, decisions.

I will change for the better quality photos, of course.  And talk about convenient!  I uploaded my test prints on Tuesday, and I got them back on Thursday before noon.  And I never left my home.

Are you new in the business too and struggling with packages and prices?  Would love to hear how you are finding your way.

Chow for now,

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